Here is my first writing about her….
this incredible women just had her birthday couple days ago…. 29 April, just about 2 weeks after mine…

mom always takes care of me, i dont know this is really difficult to say… every mom takes care of their child, but i just… im 22 years old man… and she may still treat me like a lil baby…
i am the last child of 4…
i had a terrible stomach illness… and just from here i can see that she really loves me that deep… for a second i had a thought in my mind that…. “I never wanna be anything, but just a mom like her “I think she’s successfully be a girl once.., be a lady, be a wife, be a mother, be a woman…. just awesome
seem like i can see how the larva turns into butterfly …. simple change but touching….

thank you mom for everything u shared to me, those smiles, loves, cares…. many things to mention…
you’re love is like an iceberg in the ocean … just a lil bit come up in the surface but u hide the bigger piece under.

emir. with love. happy birthsay mom…..


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