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Here is my first writing about her….
this incredible women just had her birthday couple days ago…. 29 April, just about 2 weeks after mine…

mom always takes care of me, i dont know this is really difficult to say… every mom takes care of their child, but i just… im 22 years old man… and she may still treat me like a lil baby…
i am the last child of 4…
i had a terrible stomach illness… and just from here i can see that she really loves me that deep… for a second i had a thought in my mind that…. “I never wanna be anything, but just a mom like her “I think she’s successfully be a girl once.., be a lady, be a wife, be a mother, be a woman…. just awesome
seem like i can see how the larva turns into butterfly …. simple change but touching….

thank you mom for everything u shared to me, those smiles, loves, cares…. many things to mention…
you’re love is like an iceberg in the ocean … just a lil bit come up in the surface but u hide the bigger piece under.

emir. with love. happy birthsay mom…..


New Painting: “Overnight”, All Paint-No Canvas

New Painting: “Overnight”, All Paint-No Canvas.


nu paint from M

messed up

weldone perfectly… funny when someone broke their own world. she causes another thing around her just messed up like her own world as well.. and then, blame the other person.

Hello world!

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